Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Halloween Trick or Treat- Earn While You scare

by Sean Carter

Knock your neighbors' doors and can get a chocolate bar or a scary look. This is the fun we have in the tricking or treating on 31st October. Halloween is here again! Trick or Treat is basically an U.S. trend to celebrate Halloween. The whole concept is highly interesting. The children dress up in scary costumes and they go from door to door yelling “trick or treat?” The trick is usually a scary one and the treat is all about chocolates and small candies. The neighbors are also ready to give a gruesome welcome in tune with the Halloween mood. The children love to roam with their bags and try to make it heavy with gifts as soon as possible.

Nowadays treat is more popular than trick. As Halloween comes in the season of apple harvests, the most common treat item is candy apples. Nuts and sticky syrup go very well with the apples. But this treat is no more popular with the children as the rumor goes- the apples have blades or razors in them for tricking people. These can be dangerous for the children.

In Ireland “barmbrack” is the favorite Halloween treat for all. A plain ring is placed in the light fruit cake before baking. If anyone finds it out, he or she will get his or her true love on that particular year.

In Scotland trick is done to earn a good treat. The children impress the neighbors with their style of costumes and then recite poems, songs and play tricks to get nuts and dried fruits. The common song of the time is “The sky is blue, the grass is green, may we have our Halloween”. The children usually earn sixpence along with their gifts. But very small children are afraid of the scary looks and they themselves get frightened at the time of participation.

The gruesome disguises resembling vampires, witches and devils give out a ghostly experience to the participants. The trick lacks color if the guises are not scary enough to bring sweat on your forehead. After September 11 attack Islamic terrorists' costumes were in much demand during Halloween celebr. Each year a new trend emerges which catches the fancy of the youngsters. In 2004, spider man's costume was a rage. Though the tricks are not so widely practiced as it used to be yet vandalism in all forms are still on the chart

The teens and adults enjoy their Halloween mood in a different way. They go for scary costume parties and love to listen to Halloween songs. They also like to stage a gruesome horror play or characters in a “haunted house” to have a taste of the trick. The party, drinks and odd costumes are Halloween celebrations although it may sound weird when we try to associate these with an event related to the harvest of apples.

UNICEF in North America has given a new dimension to the trick and treat game. The mission started in 1950 in Philadelphia. Small boxes are given to children so that they can get donations from their neighbors while they are out collecting the gifts. The school students take part in this noble program and UNICEF collects the money from their assigned schools. So, this is not just the time to get into gruesome activities and games but also to think of those who cannot take part in fun parties.

Keep your masks ready for the tricks. And we should not forget to demand our treats this year. In order to be the best in the game one really needs to be more gruesome

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